About Us

I am a qualified canine and equine sports massage therapist with many years experience.

Merisha Massage is a ‘deep tissue massage’ using a variety of gentle techniques to facilitate the release of both superficial and deep tension within the muscles.

To enhance these techniques gentle mobilisation and stretching are also incorporated into the massage to improve movement, performance, and flexibility.

A tailored ‘nose to tail’ approach is used that focuses on the individual animal’s needs and combines a variety of techniques that can be beneficial.

Manual and soft tissue therapies have been shown through evidence-based research to offer the following benefits:

• Ease stiffness and tight joints
• Helps to relieve muscle spasms
• Can ease compensations and tension issues in senior dogs
• Aids flexibility and range of movement
• Can help with recovery and rehabilitation after surgery or injury
• Useful prior to competing to help warm the muscles and reduce possible injury
• Beneficial post competition to speed up the healing process if an injury has occurred
• Enhancing and maintaining general well being
• Aids performance
• Stimulates circulation and removal of toxins from the muscles
• Increases relaxation

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